Installation Instructions for BULK JACKET and CUSTOM GUARD
STEP A: To install FireHose Bulk Jacket and FireHose XT Custom Guard chafe guards, you will need a pair of sharp scissors. (For Firehose Bulk Jacket, you may also want to have matches or a lighter to melt the cuts to prevent fraying. )

STEP B: Determine the length you need your chafe guard to be a cut the jacket with scissors. (FireHose Bulk Jacket: melt the cuts if your desire to prevent fraying)

STEP C: Cut two short slits on either side of the jacket, about 1 inch from the end. You will use this to install the cable ties to secure the chafe guard. Repeat this step on the other side of the chafe guard for a most secure installation.You now have a chafe guard ready for installation. CONTINUE TO STEP 1 BELOW.

​Installation Instructions for CHAFE GUARDS
STEP 1: Insert the end of the line into one end of the chafe guard and pull the line through

STEP 2: Run the chafe guard up the line to your desired final position. 

STEP 3: Use cable ties or string ties (provided with some products) affix the chafe guards in your desired position. feed the ties through the holes or slits in the chafe guard and wrap around the chafe guard and cinch it firmly to the line. Repeat on the other end of the chafe guard if desired for extra security. 

​OPTIONAL for maximum strength of placement: 
  1. At one end of the chafe guard, thread a cable tie (provided with some products) through the braid or twists of the dockline, then back through at the same location, making a loop out of the cable tie.
  2. Take a string ties (provided with some products)  and place through the loop made by the cable tie.
  3. Gently pull the cable tie through the docklike, pulling the string tie through the line.
  4. Pull either end of the string to form two equal lengths of string on either side of the dockline.
  5. Thread each end of the string through their respective holes or slits in the chafe guard.
  6. Wrap the string around the chafe guard multiple times, and tie the the ends securely. Repeat the process on the other end of the guard.
Done! Now that your chafe guards are installed, keep them working at their best with a few easy steps below in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE!

Instructions for Use
Follow these instructions to get the most from your chafe guards:
  • Rinse your chafe guards with fresh water each time you wash your boat.
  • Avoid allowing the chafe guard to contact chemicals or caustic cleaners, and rinse them thoroughly with fresh water if contact occurs.
  • The lifespan of your chafe guards depends on the environment in which they are used, so inspect your chafe guards and lines routinely for wear. Replace or re-position the chafe guards when they become worn, before they wear through completely.
  • Sharp angles, rough cleats and chocks, and other rough or sharp surfaces or objects can cause premature wear of the chafe guard. Inspect the surfaces that will contact the chafe guard and ensure they are smooth. As your situation permits, tie your dock lines in a way that reduces sharp line angles.
  • Severe weather may cause accelerated wear or premature failure of the chafe guards. Inspect the chafe guards prior to severe weather and replace if necessary BEFORE the storm arrives.
  • Because conditions causing chafe and wear differ in every location, only you, the user, can determine the suitability of this product for your intended application. 
Caution Statement
This product is intended to protect boat lines from wear. Although they are durable, no chafe guard lasts forever. Allowing the chafe guard to wear through will leave your line vulnerable to wear. Wear may eventually cause the line to fail, and failure of the line may allow the boat to come unmoored, which may cause property damage, bodily injury, or death. Inspect your chafe guards often and reposition or replace them before they wear through. Read and follow the instructions for use above, and on our website at Take care of your chafe guards and they will take care of you!