Sof-Clean Auto soft wash tool
Sof-Clean Auto soft wash tool
Sof-Clean Auto soft wash tool

Sof-Clean Auto soft wash tool

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Stop risking dings, marks, and scratches on your fine finishes, and say goodbye to the inconvenience of twisting and turning brushes to get into the tight spots. Introducing the Sof-Clean Auto soft wash tool, designed by a professional yacht detailer to be faster, safer, and more effective at cleaning all of the shiny surfaces on not just boats, but your car, truck, and RV too!

Microfiber chenille bonnet provides soft cleaning from all sides, all angles, and removes for easy machine washing.

Clean in a single motion, no need to keep turning the brush to clean at the right angle- just use the sides and top of the tool!

Interior foam provides a firm but forgiving wash surface.

Internal plastic frame that is nearly indestructible, with no moving parts to break.

ACME threaded adapter allows connection to any average ACME threaded tool handle, including one you probably already own!

Simple in design but impressive in performance, with rugged construction for long life and hassle free cleaning for years to come!

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(Handle not included)