2 - General Duty: FireHose XT

Our FireHose XT products offer highly effective, low cost chafe protection for a multitude of uses and boat sizes. These products will provide robust protection for what we consider moderate, or average, chafing environments. Our FireHose XT Custom Guard is unique in the industry, allowing you to cut the chafe guard to your desired length with scissors, with no fraying of the fabric ends. Simply cut and install with the supplied cable ties, or string of your choosing.

  • Protecting dock and mooring lines in any placement, in moderate chafing conditions. This includes at chocks and cleats, and anywhere a line will rub fittings, other lines, pilings, the dock, or anything else that might be in the way.


  • High quality polyester jacket
  • Urethane treatment for high abrasion resistance
  • Mold, mildew, and highly UV resistant
  • Flexible to fit into tight places
  • Off-white in color
  • Water easily passes through fabric
  • Fits lines up to 1'' diameter
  • Includes installation and care instructions