1 - Light Duty: FireHose

FireHose Bulk Jacket offers unsurpassed value with a wide range of light-duty chafe protection placements all over your boat. Bulk Jacket is the base material for all of our other chafe guards, and features the softest and most supple texture of all of our products. Perfect for placing where a line is brushing or rubbing against the gelcoat of the boat, or other placements where the chafe guard needs to be soft on the surface it will make contact with. For a higher level of chafe resistance, turn to our FireHose XT line of products. 


  • Protecting lines that brush or rub against gelcoat or other parts of the boat. 
  • Protecting lines that cross each other
  • Protecting fender whips from rubbing the side of the boat
  • Protecting small diameter lines on small boats, where chocks and cleats are small and tight. 
  • ​Protecting lines at cleats and chocks in light chafing conditions. 


  • 6 or 10 foot lengths available
  • High Quality Polyester Construction
  • Mold, Mildew, and UV Resistant
  • Flexible and Easy Handling
  • Off-White in Color
  • Fits lines up to 1'' diameter
  • 2'' wide when flat
  • About 1-3/8'' inner diameter
  • About 0.05'' wall thickness
  • Made in the USA